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1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts

1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts
1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts
1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts
1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts
1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts
1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts

1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts
This is for one Complete HIGH OUTPUT HHO Cell Kit. This kit comes completely assembled and has all the parts you will need to connect the hydrogen cell to your vehicle. I challenge you to find a HHO cell complete kit that will produce this much HHO gas for a cheaper price. More HHO gas than 4 strand. Have had several buyers ask me which produces more hydrogen, these cells with 8 total strands of. 030 wire or a competitors cells with 4 strands of. Is determined by the amount of total surface area of the stainless steel wire. To determine this one would use the following formula. Diameter of the wire (D) X Pi (3.141) X number of strands (N). Total length of wire (L), ie. (D x Pi x N X L). To compare we will find total surface area on a 12 inch. Length of each size wire. Now let us put these into percentages.

9.046 / 6.785 =. Conclusion: The surface area of the 8 strands of.

030 wire is equal to 133% of the surface area of. My HHO cells with 8 strands of. 030 diameter wire produces 33% more HHO gas than cells made with 4 strands of. It is inexpensive, it works, and it will give you the opportunity to find out if using a hydrogen generator on your engine is something you really want to put the time and effort in to do. Hydrogen cells require periodic maintenance and must be taken apart and cleaned every 4000 to 5000 miles driven.

Dry cells must be completely disassembled to properly clean because the metal plates must be seperated and scrubbed to remove the scaling which is a major undertaking, and they are prone to leak after reassembly. If not cleaned they will gradually stop producing hydrogen gas.

Many refer to dry cells as "disposable" because after a few thousand miles the plexiglass outer housing becomes brittle and breaks leaving the cell useless. These tempered glass jar type HHO cells are easy to disassemble and clean.

You simply unscrew the cap and run tap water over the wire coil while brushing with a small shop brush or old toothbrush. There is no expense when cleaning these. Plus the cell will never leak because of it's (tempered glass jar) design.

Don't go out and pay 100.00 to over 500.00 for one of those expensive dry cell kits just to find out this technology is not what you expected and you are out hundreds of dollars. If you like what HHO does for you after installing this kit and using it for a period of time, you can always upgrade to more expensive, higher output dry cell kits. And this kit can be easily added to any other kits you may install at a later date so you are out nothing. ALSO NOTE: There are cars that get improvement without any type of computer adjustment. I inform my customers to run their vehicle for about 2 weeks on the HHO cell alone to see if their computer will adjust themselves to the HHO.

Many of my customers have achieved significant mileage increases with the cell alone. One of my customers with a Ford Focus 4cyl.

Informed me that his mileage went from 31 mpg to 59 mpg with the cell alone. If you are not happy with the results after 2 weeks you may want to consider adding one of the fuel saver chips that can be found on the internet. Is the best one I have found to use in combination with HHO cells. In addition to the mpg increase from the HHO gas you will also get further mpg increase from the chip. This chip modifies the engine timing and air/fuel ratio to a safe level.

They simply dont work, are impossible to get set correctly, and if set wrong will damage or destroy your engine. Also these devices will usually only make your engine idle erratically and possibly shut off at stop lights, which is dangerous and embarrassing.

I know because I tried using them. The fuel saver chips are designed to change the fuel to air ratio to a safe set point that will increase your fuel mileage but not lean the engine to the point that it will be damaged from being run too lean. The HHO systems are in no way a cookie cutter item some vehicles take quite a bit of tweaking and tuning, to get them to work correctly and efficiently. We only guarantee that these HHO cells will produce hydrogen gas as stated above. We make no guarantee of any mpg improvements.

If you don't get it let me know and I will resend them. This HIGH OUTPUT CELL has 4 strands of 316L Stainless Steel Wire (480 inches or 40 feet) wrapped 1/8 apart on both the Anode and Cathode for maximum Hydrogen Output.

I don't use steel plates or washers which are hard to take apart and clean which has to be done to maintain peek HHO gas production. Just disconnect the wires and vacuum hose, unscrew the cap assembly and take it to your kitchen sink and run tap water over it while brushing with an old toothbrush approx. Every 3 or 4 months. It will clean up like new. Hydrogen Generator HHO Browns Gas Cell. This listing is for 1 complete Cell Kit. This is my newest and best produced hydrogen generator cell design that I have made so far. I have been researching and building these for the past 4 years and have used the water4gas design to develop these. The only difference in my own design that is superior to the older models is I use only 316L SS wire and put 4 strands spaced 1/8" apart instead of 2 strands spaced 1/2" apart on each electrode for optimum hydrogen generation.

Look at how much more wire is on mine compared to others. See the one picture of this cell hooked to my battery. Notice that the cell is producing hydrogen almost completely to the bottom of the cell. I also offer add-on cells for those who wish to run more than one cell. Each of these units are tested and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Unlike inferior models that you will find I use 4 strands (480) of pure stainless steel 316L wire on both the anode (positive) and cathode (negative) for the best hydrogen production possible. The picture is of the exact model that you will receive. The hydrogen generator creates HHO gas simply by adding distilled water and baking soda as directed in the included emailed installation instructions.

Each unit measures 7" tall and 4" x 4 wide. 1/8 inch elbows to connect to standard 1/8 vacuum hose provided. 1/8 tee connector to connect the vacuum line into an existing line on your vehicle if needed.

3.5 feet of 1/8 vacuum hose. 3 feet of positive primary automotive wire (color may vary). 1.5 feet of black ground (negative) primary automotive wire (color may vary). 1 inline fuse holder with fuse provided.

3 ring connectors, 2 butt connectors, 1 in-line connector (to use if needed) -Precision made 1/4" Plexiglas core that is notched every 1/4" which makes the wire 1/8 apart to prevent wires from shorting. Also slotted to fit snuggly together for long life and dependability. Four Strands (480) of pure 316L. 030 stainless steel wire on the positive side and 4 strands on the negative side of generator which is the absolute best for hydrogen production and corrosion resistance. Either terminal can be used for positive. A single unit consumes 2-3 amps which will not harm the alternator in any vehicle when properly installed. Bubbler adjuster to adjust air flow through the generator so you can regulate the air flow to push the hydrogen gas to your engine and cool the cell. Pressure relief safety valve to protect your investment. I also have 2,3,4, and 6 cell packages available as well if you want a multi cell package to save even more on gasoline. Anyone who is filling their car up at the gas pump is feeling the pain of rising energy costs in our nation and to say the least, folks are frustrated - there is a lot of talk going on in Washington about energy, but not much seems to be getting done. It's time for us to take action and supplementing some of the gas we burn with hydrogen made from plain old H2O is a darn good start.

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1 HHO Hydrogen Generator Cell Water4Gas Complete Kit Has All Parts