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Hho Generator M1 Dry Cell Hydrogen Inox 316l

Hho Generator M1 Dry Cell Hydrogen Inox 316l
Hho Generator M1 Dry Cell Hydrogen Inox 316l
Hho Generator M1 Dry Cell Hydrogen Inox 316l
Hho Generator M1 Dry Cell Hydrogen Inox 316l
Hho Generator M1 Dry Cell Hydrogen Inox 316l

Hho Generator M1 Dry Cell Hydrogen Inox 316l

HHO DRY CELL 316L 11 - PLATES HYDROJEN GENERATOR. Designed for up to 4 liter engines.

HHO Generators are the most fuel efficient choice for your vehicle. HHO Generators improve gas mileage, reduce emissions, increase horsepower, and even clean the internal workings of your engine. First of all, let me start out by making a bold statement: Nearly all users of HHO systems are using too much HHO. I frequently get asked about how much HHO will yield the best mileage gains for a particular car or truck. Years ago, we used the following formula. 1/4 liter per minute for each liter of engine size. For example, if you have a 2 liter engine, you need. In practice this is a pretty good formula to use, because most people measure HHO using ball meters or pop bottle test. These tests are not particularly accurate, and tend to read higher flow rates than actual. So with this in mind, the formula will work pretty well.

Benefits of HHO Hydrogen Generator. Reduced Emissions (major reductions in hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions). Up to 35% Improved MPG or KMPL (km per liter).

Cleaner Engine (reduction of carbon build up in cylinders, and spark plugs). The hydrogens higher burn temperature and explosive force is such that it cleans the soot that collects in the engine (it is like having the engine consistent maintains) and with a cleaner engine you get better mileage and fewer oil changes. The air/fuel mixture of our engines is regulated to use more fuel than needed. Start learning ways to do something about it. One way is to use the power of your cars alternator to turn water into Hydrogen and Oxygen vapors while you drive. The addition of these vapors richens the metered air that mixes with the fuel vapors. The metered air is now more volatile; oxygen content is higher; hydrogen has been added; moisture content has increased. All of this enables a more complete burning of the fossil fuel.

By burning more of the fuel, inside the combustion chamber, harmful hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions are reduced. The engine becomes more efficient.

Less unburned fuel escapes out the exhaust; carbon buildup is removed. Combustion chamber temperatures are reduced; and harmful greenhouse gases are reduced to levels that are less destructive to our environment.

Adding these vapors to your car's metered air will eliminate the fuel that is not getting burned inside your engine. A Hydrogen Generator turns water into burnable vapors; the engine ignites them in the combustion chamber, and the heat that is produced reforms the vapors back into water.

In other words, we use water to burn fuel. We use water vapor to clean and cool the combustion chamber. The end result, we use water to. Reduce the "Greenhouse" exhaust emissions.

Some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our HHO products. Do I need an EFIE for Diesel engine? Vehicles with carburetors and diesels that are not equiped with O2 sensors do not require an EFIE. All other fuel injected engines will need to have it's electronics handled to get the gains.

Will the HHO Generators work on both Fuel Injection and Carbureted engines? Carbureted engines need no electronic measures, unless they have a simple O2 sensor in the exhaust manifold. Fuel injected engines need an electronic measure. Is there any tech support?

Is there any kind of guarantee that comes with my HHO Generator? You must check within 30 days of receipt to make sure none are broken or non. Working with HHO Gas is dangerous. HHO gas can be dangerous to inhale as well as highly explosive.

Do not attempt to light HHO gas directly from the HHO generator. Do not attempt to store HHO gas.

We assume that you are aware of all the risks and possible damages associated with HHO gas. If you are not, please educate yourself first. The author assumes no liability for any incidental, consequential or other liability from the use of this information.

All risks and damages, incidental or otherwise, arising from the use or misuse of the information contained herein are entirely the responsibility of the user. Although careful precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material. Tube fittings Hose barb Polyamide (PA 6) 1/4 thread 10mm Diameter. 208 x 158 x 135 mm. 175x 125 x 1 mm.

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Hho Generator M1 Dry Cell Hydrogen Inox 316l